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Their knowledge and diligence definitely was a blessing!
March 2018
I can’t thank Beth and her husband Mike enough for helping me buy my first home last month. They had helped my neighbors purchase a home in Duluth last year and they were highly recommended to me, and I was glad they did. They walked me through every step of the process from start to finish and made it a lot less stressful than I thought it was going to be. They’ve been in real estate for a while and they know houses & the market like the backs of their hands. The thing I loved most was they went at my pace. When I first contacted them I wasn’t quite ready to buy, I was calling them basically to ask them 1,000 questions. I was going to start looking at houses in 4-5 months from our initial phone call, but they recommended that, at my leisure, we go check out some places in certain areas that I was looking into just to get a feel of what types of homes go for what kinds of prices, in what kinds of areas etc etc. I was glad I did because I began to learn what I really liked and disliked about certain properties. In turn, they get a feel of what I might like in house, which actually got me into my first home. We had searched some houses in Dawsonville one weekend and Mike had called me a day later to alert me of a house that had just been listed the night before. A few days later I was in the closing process! Their knowledge and diligence definitely was a blessing, especially in a hot market like the Atlanta metro area where houses don’t stay on the market for long. A+ all around. I will definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for buying a home!
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